Past Productions

Shelina Stand Up! (2017)


Shelina Stand-Up is a 13-minute documentary following Shelina, an activist and mother, as she pursues her dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian. Directed by Zach Jama, Produced by Cat Mills, and Edited by Lucius Dechausay.

Somaliland: Kill All but the Crows (2016)


Al Jazeera English’s People and Power goes on the trail of a Somali army commander accused of involvement in mass killings and war crimes in Somaliland. Directed by Zach Jama and Naashon Zalk, Edited by Anna Telford.


“Kill All but the Crows” is a one-hour investigative documentary film, with principal photography done in Northern, Somalia (Somaliland) and in the United States of America (San Francisco, Washington DC, and Honolulu, Hawaii):

As the film was broadcasted in two parts on Al Jazeera English’s satellite channels, part 2 starts with a lengthy recap of events in part 1 for new audience members:

If I Could Rap (with Mama C) (2015)


A short video about the rise of hip hop in neighbourhoods of East Africa (Arusha, Tanzania), featuring former black panther Charlotte Hill O’Neal (aka Mama C). Video shot and edited by Zach Jama and produced by Jeff Ulrich.

Faraja Young Women Video (2014)


A short video about how the Faraja Center helps young women overcome their traumatic past and build a better life in Tanzania. Video directed by Zach Jama and produced by Stefanie Kober.

Because sometimes you just gotta dance… (2014)


Filmed spontaneously in Arusha, Tanzania and in support of Ibuka Dance. Video shot and edited by Alyssa McDonald and Zach Jama.

Green It Arusha (2014)


An event promoting permaculture and sustainability in Arusha, Tanzania. Hosted by Tia Nuru. Video shot and edited by Zach Jama.

Arap (2013)



Arap is a 14-minute documentary film, produced in Jordan, directed by Zach Jama.


Amer is a rapper and a student in one of the universities in Amman. His reflections on society and the role of music in Arab societies are shown through his struggle with his lyrics and his community. The film follows him in one of his days, between the streets, the university and the night clubs of the old conservative city, Amman.


19th Franco-Arab film festival – short film competition – Jordan – 2013
29th Alexandria International Film Festival – Arab film competition – Egypt – 2013
Arab Camera Film Festival Rotterdam – Netherlands – 2013
4th International Karama Human Rights Film Festival – Jordan – 2013
2nd Arusha African Film Festival – Tanzania – 2013

Behind the Music (2013)


A short video about the band 47 SOUL and their integration of the Mijwiz instrument, video produced in Jordan, directed by Zach Jama and Deema Dabis.

Imagining Nowhere, Ontario (2012)


A short video made in support of Backyard Theatre – playwright Kathleen Moyer discusses her creative process and the importance of empathizing with her characters’ from the past. Video shot and edited by Zach Jama and produced with David Woodall.